Author Topic: Welcome Aboard- but.... Who are you?  (Read 14085 times)

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Welcome Aboard- but.... Who are you?
« on: August 17, 2021, 02:51:52 PM »
to kick this thread off:

I'm Drew (really, I am). 

I'm from the coast of the Carolina's and not far from ground zero of Phantom CNC Systems world headquarters (and ranch).  I found these things while looking for a shopbot part on good 'ol eBay- and pretty much within three weeks had purchased and took ownership of an S-Series DSP 4x8.

I've been under Steve's feet ever since, and he sent me off to my little dark corner to make this page just to get me away from him a spell i'm thinking...

Yet, Alas, i returned and with this owner's forum.  If you need technical help either with the site or the machine, drop me a line. 

it's mighty nice to meet you. 
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