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Atomic Not Ramping
« on: November 11, 2023, 04:39:45 PM »
Anyone used the latest version of the Fusion360 post and noticed that the code does not ramp, even when the Simulate shows it working?  Being this is my first go with this machine and post I don't have much to go with.

Looking at the Post Processor Code:
  Copyright (C) 2012-2023 by Autodesk, Inc.
  All rights reserved.

  Phantom CNC post processor configuration.

  $Revision: 44095 5a35b88072d14642f4e5d68158725313321ebbaf $
  $Date: 2023-10-24 21:21:10 $

  FORKID {0908A293-A8DA-4E90-A350-A652FD4FA7F2}
This line explains it.  Now how to make it dance?

if (machineConfiguration.isMultiAxisConfiguration()) {
    error(localize("This postprocessor does not support multi axis machine configurations."));

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Re: Atomic Not Ramping
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2023, 09:10:51 AM »
be careful playing with autodesk post processors- they are javascript, as you likely know, and a stray character can have devastating impact to your outputted code. 

when i dive into autodesk post processors, i use the autodesk plugin (free) for VirtualStudio.. it'll 'test' the post processor and show you the outputted code and any errors or concerns, and more to the point it'll tell you precisely which line caused an error and why.

that same plugin allows you to highlight the output code and will highlight the post processor line that was reconciled in order to print it. 

the tool is critical to have if you're gong to modify or adjust a post processor... i'd just about tell you it's required unless you're really good at javascript and can make heads or tales of the definition section of the post processor- which is sizable.... with the autodesk virtual studio plugin?  scripting post processors and adjusting them are a breeze.... without it?  it's treacherous to say the least.

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Re: Atomic Not Ramping
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2023, 09:00:19 PM »
Thanks for that information on the plugin for VisualStudio.  I'll have to check that out.

One thing I did find:  Nick sent me a file he created in Vectric and all three axis move while performing a helical cut.  BUT, the code doesn't use any arc (G2 or G3) commands.

Vectric Code:
N0  G00 G21 G17 G90
N10 G00 G40 G49 G80
N20 G71
N30 T4
N40 M06
N50 G43 Z20.320H4 M08
N60 S18000M03
N70 G04 P3000
N80 G0 X0.000 Y0.000
N90 G00 X74.272 Y103.804 Z5.080
N100 G01 Z0.000 F1016.0
N110 G01 X73.862 Y103.801 Z-0.072
N120 G01 X73.450 Y103.791 Z-0.144
N130 G01 X73.035 Y103.774 Z-0.216
N140 G01 X72.619 Y103.750 Z-0.289
N150 G01 X72.200 Y103.719 Z-0.361
N160 G01 X71.779 Y103.681 Z-0.433
N170 G01 X71.356 Y103.636 Z-0.505
N180 G01 X70.931 Y103.583 Z-0.577
N190 G01 X70.505 Y103.523 Z-0.649
N200 G01 X70.078 Y103.455 Z-0.722
N210 G01 X69.650 Y103.380 Z-0.794
N220 G01 X69.220 Y103.297 Z-0.866
N230 G01 X68.790 Y103.205 Z-0.938
N240 G01 X68.360 Y103.106 Z-1.010
N250 G01 X67.929 Y102.999 Z-1.082

Fusion 360 Code:  SEE LINE N240
(2D Contour)
N40 T3
N50 M06
N60 S5000 M03
N70 G17 G90 G94
N80 G54
N90 G00 X-136.7409 Y54.8225
N100 G43 Z15.24 H03 M08
N110 G00 Z5.08
N120 G01 Z3.175 F338.67
N130 X-136.7482 Y54.8254 Z3.0757 F381
N140 X-136.7698 Y54.834 Z2.9788
N150 X-136.8053 Y54.848 Z2.8867
N160 X-136.8537 Y54.8672 Z2.8018
N170 X-136.9138 Y54.891 Z2.726
N180 X-136.9843 Y54.9189 Z2.6613
N190 X-137.0633 Y54.9502 Z2.6092
N200 X-137.1489 Y54.984 Z2.5711
N210 X-137.239 Y55.0197 Z2.5478
N220 X-137.3313 Y55.0563 Z2.54
N230 X-137.9217 Y55.29
N240 G03 X-138.7459 Y54.9334 I-0.2338 J-0.5904
N250 X138.7459 Y-54.9334 Z-0.635 I138.7459 J-54.9334
N260 X-138.7459 Y54.9334 Z-3.81 I-138.7459 J54.9334
N270 X138.7459 Y-54.9334 Z-6.985 I138.7459 J-54.9334
N280 X-138.7459 Y54.9334 Z-10.16 I-138.7459 J54.9334
N290 X138.7459 Y-54.9334 Z-13.335 I138.7459 J-54.9334
N300 X-138.7459 Y54.9334 Z-16.51 I-138.7459 J54.9334
N310 X138.7459 Y-54.9334 Z-19.685 I138.7459 J-54.9334
N320 X-138.7459 Y54.9334 Z-22.86 I-138.7459 J54.9334
N330 X138.7459 Y-54.9334 Z-26.035 I138.7459 J-54.9334

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Re: Atomic Not Ramping
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2023, 09:44:29 PM »
That's the difference between a clean design and a not so clean..... I love aspire, as it's quick and easy to create something 2D... but... make a circle which is four arcs, right? Now, use the function to place a ring around it a certain distance away while not deselecting the corner/angle option... if you enter node mode, you'll see the circle (still four arcs) but the other one? It'll have a gazillion nodes which are tiny straight lines....

As for the design manifested? If it's wood you likely won"t notice... acrylic, though? You'll see the jagged little edges instead of a smooth cut.  You'll also see in the code one that uses four lines of code for that circle when using arcs... when using a ton of little short lines between a bunch of nodes, that is a literal ton of code...

One of the things i love about this job is i dont manage people with personalities- instead, i tell a computer what I'd like to have... if it doesnt respond predictable, then the fault is mine as it just does exactly as its told.... reminds me of the joke the c+ programmer was sent to the store by his wife with instructions"get a jug of milk and if they have fresh bananas, get six"... he comes home with six gallons of milk.... and he was in the right because her logic failed.