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The Guild, Explained:
« on: August 17, 2021, 02:45:46 PM »
This isn't hard to grasp, but it requires integrity and forth right honesty to work.  I hope to see many involve themselves here, but an infraction by an individual will cause their participation to cease.

here it is in a nutshell: 

A guild is a collection of craftsman, tradesmen, fabricators, artists, ect.  Together they can accomplish much more than they can as individuals.  Some are far more skilled with one craft than another, and would prefer to focus on that skill rather than offer mediocre products where a good portion of it is outside of their comfort zone.

We are set to achieve a 'guild', and you are a member by virtue of being an owner of a Phantom CNC Systems machine. 

How many times have you turned down a job as you were too overwhelmed with the scope of it?  How many times have you struggled to complete a product(s) within deadline because it was burning your midnight oil too fast?

There is an opportunity here to collect our efforts and pass 'jobs' around to those of our group who want or need them.  We can collaborate and share files, discuss expectations- determine pay- and within our group.   Business is slow or you're just starting out?  Find a job here to keep you tied over.   Overwhelmed and worried about deadlines?  Share some of that stress with those hungry for a paying job. 

The purpose of this board is to share these opportunities or to announce you're available.  We can literally help each other out to the degree most of our machines will be paid for by work coming through the guild.   We are competitors- we each want to be the best- but allowing our competitiveness to interfere with an opportunity to share is cutting off a grandiose avenue to lift each other up.

Jobs will be posted soon, and once they start and this concept is proven to you they will ROLL in- and every one of us will benefit.

That's dang good business, y'all.

I look forward to your participation from both prospect- as a producer of products and as a producer of jobs.